For gunsmithing, a background check is not required since the firearm is returned to the original owner after repair. Typically, firearms for repair or customization will be picked up at the Client's home or business. The Client may choose to drop off or pick up the firearm at the shop by appointment Monday through Saturday from 12:00 to 6:00 pm. A Shop Deposit is collected for each firearm taken into the shop to be evaluated. This fee covers disassembly, cleaning and inspection for a quote that will be provided to the Client. This quote includes the number of hours of shop time to restore a firearm to functional and safe operation. Parts cost is added to cost of shop time cost for total quoted cost. Work not listed below will be quoted after consultation with Client for total hours for unlisted work. After the quote is approved, the firearm will be repaired, test fired at a shooting range, cleaned then returned to the Client's home or business. Payment is due upon return of firearm to the Client.


Tirico Gunsmithing LLC does not repair: flintlock or percussion cap black powder firearms; air rifles and pistols; or paintball guns. The Client will be consulted regarding the feasibility of working on antique or curio cartridge firearms. Some of these firearms may not be safe to fire and/or may also lose value if they are repaired. Tirico Gunsmithing LLC will not work on National Firearms Act weapons unless the Client agrees to come to the shop during the repair, so that the weapon remains in the possession of the Client during repair. This avoids having to transfer the NFA firearm to Tirico Gunsmithing LLC. There are some firearms that are not worth repairing, unless they hold sentimental value for the Client, then the firearm will be repaired and/or restored.

Shop Deposit: $60 per firearm

There is a Shop Deposit for each firearm taken into the shop.

Shop Rate: $60 per hour

The Shop Deposit is applied to the total Shop Time.


Prior to any repair, the Clients will receive a quote by email for the restoration of functionality and safety of the firearm. Quotes are based on the shop hours listed below and list of required parts. If the Client elects not to repair the firearm, the firearm will be returned to Client with a letter explaining the firearm was not repaired per the Client's instructions. All firearms are checked for functionality and safety. If a firearm is determined to be unsafe (hammer follow down, slam fire, loose breach, excessive head space, etc.) the repair to correct this unsafe condition will be included in the quote. If the client elects not to correct a safety issue, the firearm will be disabled by removing firing pin or other suitable reversible method before it is returned to the Client with a letter explaining the safety issue and the method used to disable the firearm. In the event that the firearm is irreparable, the client will be informed in this quote. Work will began after Tirico Gunsmithing LLC receives approval from Client. If during test firing, an additional unexpected major issue is discovered, a second quote to resolve this issue will be provided to the Client.

All Work Guaranteed

All modern firearms will be test fired before they are returned to the Client. If the firearm's original quoted issue reoccurs, Tirico Gunsmithing LLC will repair the firearm at no additional cost.

Firearm Transfers

Transfers require an ATF form 4473 to be filled out and a background check performed at the FFL holder's place of business. The Client will be required to come to the shop for any transfers for new firearms or new receivers. For example, the Client wants a custom AR built and requests Tirico Gunsmithing LLC to acquire a lower receiver for the Client. Tirico Gunsmithing LLC is required to transfer that lower to Client in order to build the Custom AR. Also, if during repair of the Client's firearm, it is determined the receiver, or the part with the serial number, needs to be replaced, a transfer would be required for the replacement receiver or serial numbered part. Tirico Gunsmithing LLC typically does not transfer firearms for retail sales, or perform private party transfers.

Special Firearm Orders

Tirico Gunsmithing LLC typically doesn't special order complete firearms, but will special order receivers or serial numbered parts for Clients. Payment is required before any special orders.


Tirico Gunsmithing LLC does not have a retail storefront, so typically doesn't deal with consignments, but may consider facilitating the liquidation of a firearm collection online or at auction.

Customization Parts Quotes: 1.0 hours

Tirico Gunsmithing LLC will provide a parts list and quote for custom builds. The Client can either prepay to have Tirico Gunsmithing LLC acquire the parts. The Client may also acquire the parts then provide them for the build. Some aftermarket parts are made in limited runs and it may take time to acquire all the desired parts to build the custom firearm.

Unloading Fee: $20 per firearm

Clients will be charged an unloading fee for all loaded firearms, unless the Client informs Tirico Gunsmithing LLC that the firearm is “jammed” or otherwise unable to be unloaded.

Shop Time

Clean/Oil/Inspect Customer Gun: 1.0 hours 

Firearm is completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, lubricated, then reassembled.

AR Platform Custom Builds or Rebuild/Upgrade of Existing AR Platform: 4-8 hours

The Client will be consulted during the Customization Parts Quote for the part lists including optics that are appropriate for competition, varmint, hunting, and defense applications. The Client can provide a lower receiver or Tirico Gunsmithing LLC will acquire and transfer a lower receiver to the Client. The completed firearm will be test fired with the Client's choice of ammo to confirm functionality and safety. The optics can also be sighted in at this time if desired by the Client. The firearm will then be cleaned before delivery to the Client.

1911 Pistol (does not include any parts, blueing additional on all blued guns)

Action Job - Smooth & Tune: 2.0-3.5 hrs

Tighten Slide: 1.0-1.5 hours

Fit Gunsmith Barrel: Non-ramped: 1.75 hours, Ramped: 2.5 hours

Fit “Drop-in” Barrel, Non-ramped: 0.5-1.0 hours

Fit and Install Barrel Bushing: 0.5-0.75 hours

Bevel Magazine Well: 1.0 hours

Open and Flare Ejection Port: 0.75 hours

Throat, Polish Barrel and Feed Ramp: 1.0 hours

Smooth and Polish Breech Face: 0.5 hours

Fit New Trigger: 0.25 hours

Fit Custom Hammer: 0.25-1.0 hours

Trigger Jobs

4 pound + weight: 1.0-1.5 hours

3-4 pound weight: 2.0 hours

2-3 pound weight: 3.0 hours

Install Spring Kit: 0.75 hours

Dehorn & Break Edges for Carry: 1.0-2.25 hours

Full Melt Down Beveling: 1.5-2.75 hours

Fit Grip Safety - No Frame Cut: 0.5 hours

Fit Thumb Safety: 0.5-0.75 hours

Install Ambidextrous Safety: 0.75-1.0 hours

Adjust or Install Magazine Catch: 0.5 hours

Adjust Magazine Lips: 0.25 hours

Install Fiber Optic or other Front Sight: 1.5 hours

Install Fiber Optic or other Rear Sight of Same Type (Fixed or Adjustable): 1.5 hours

Glock Pistol (does not include any parts)

Action Job - Smooth & Tune: 1.5-2.0 hrs

Fit Aftermarket Barrel: 0.5 hours

Retrofit Sights: 0.5 hours

Trigger Job: 0.5 hours

Install Aftermarket Trigger: 0.5 hours

Stock Work

Wood finishing (does not include any shaping or removing old finish)

Hunter Finish: 8 hours

Unfilled Oil of Lacquer Finish on Average Stock: 8 hours

Same Finish, but on Complicated Stock: 11 hours

Gunsmith Finish: 12 hours

Filled, Rubbed Oil Finish on Average Stock: 12 hours

Same Finish, but on Complicated Stock: 15 hours

Spray Finish: 6 hours

Lacquer or Polyurethane Finish: 8 hours

Recutting Checkering (other than by the hour, per panel)

Simple Pattern, i.e. Weatherby: 4 hours

Complicated Pattern, I.e. Fleur de Lis: 6 hours

Glass Bedding Barrel and Action

Hunting Rifle: 2.75-4.0 hours

Match Rifles, M-1 Garand, M1A, etc.: 4 hours

Pillar Bedding

Remington, Shilen, Savage Type Tubular Receivers: 3 hours

Mauser, Pre-64 Winchester Mod 70, Flat Bottom Receiver: 3.5 hours

Install Recoil Pad - Labor Only: 1 hours

Install Adjustable Butt Plate - Labor Only: 1.5 hours

Install Sling Swivels, Std and Q/D - Labor Only: 0.5 hours

Install Stock Bolt (not including finish) - Labor Only: 0.75 hour

Free Float Barrel: 1 hour

Fit, Bed, and Finish Fiberglass Stock: 6 hours

Pre-finished Fiberglass Stock, Fit and Install Barreled Action: 2 hours

Camo Painting Stock: 3 hours

Repair Broken Wrist - Pin and Epoxy (d/n include recut checkering): 2 hours

Repair Broken Wrist - Pin and Epoxy (includes recut checkering): 4 hours

General Barrel, Action & Rifle Work

Check Headspace: 0.25-0.75 hours

Make Chamber Cast: 0.5-1.0 hours

Remove Stuck Case From Chamber: 0.5-1.0 hours

Very Stubborn, i.e. Pull Barrel and Ream, time required

Remove Live Round from Chamber: 2-4 hours

Remove Obstruction from Bore, one item only: 0.5-1-0 hours

Remove fouling from Barrel: 0.5-1.0 hours

Lap Barrel: 0.5-3.0 hours

Cut and Crown Barrel: 1-2 hours

Chamber and Fit to Action - Labor Only: 2-3 hours

Install Pre-threaded and Chambered Barrel: 1 hours

Lap In Bolt Lugs (not including barrel setback or fitting new barrel): 0.5-1 hours

Install Safety:

Dakota, Gentry, Mod 70 type Safety w/shroud(+finishing): 2-3 hours

Mark II/Beuhler type: 0.75-1.0 hours

Champman Swing Safety Lever: 1.5-3.0 hours

Triggers (Installation or Adjustment)

Shilen, Timney, Dayton-Traister, Moyer Type: 1 hours

If Clean and Fit Internal Parts: 2 hours

Winchester Mod 70: 1 hours

Jewell: 0.5 hours

Double Set - Pin/Weld

Single Set - Pin/Weld

Install Muzzle Brake - Non-index/Index: 1/2 hours

If Barrel is Pulled - Add: 0.5 hours

Modify Contour Front or Rear Receiver Ring: 1-2 hours

Install Barrel Band Swivel - Clamp/Sweat-on: 0.5/2 hours

Replace Barrel: 2 hours

Blueprint Action (Bolt): 2 hours

Fit Extractor: 0.75 hours

Open Bolt Face & Fit Extractor: 0.75 hours

Install and Fit Oversize Firing Pin: 0.75 hours

Replace Rem 700 Extractor: 0.25-0.50 hours

Set Back Barrel & Re-crown: 1.5 hours

Polish Chamber: 0.25-0.50 hours

Extend/Weld Magazine Box Mauser 98: 1.5 hours

Weld-up/Re-drill Firing Pin Hole in Bolt Face

Fit Winchester Mod 70 Safety: 1 hours

Rimfire Rifles

Correct Feeding Problem: 1 hours

Replace Firing Pin & Test Fire: 0.75 hours

Correct Semi-Auto Headspace: 1 Hours

Correct Headspace and Set Back Barrel: 1.5 hours

Remove Firing Pin Dent from Chamber: 0.5 hours

Straighten Mag Tube: 1.0 hours

Remove Dent from Inner or Outer Tube: 0.5 hours

Fix Trigger Problems & Harden if Necessary: 1.5 hours

Fix Extractor: 0.75 hours

Dovetail Receiver for Tip-off Rings: 1 hour

Dovetail Front or Rear for Open Sights: 0.5 hours

Dovetail Front and Rear for Open Sights with Same Setup: 1 hours

Shotgun Work

Re-solder Rib (not including bluing): 2 hours

Re-solder Forend Lug (not including bluing): 1 hours

Epoxy Bed Stock, Pump/Semi-auto: 1 hours

Raising Dent in Barrel (not including bluing): 0.75-1.75 hours

Straighten/Adjust Barrel: 0.5-1.5 hours

Polish Chamber/Bore: 0.5-1 hours

Trigger Job - Modular Fire Control System (pump or semi-auto): 1.0-1.5 hours

Replace Firing Pin, Test Fire: 1 hours

Time Cartridge Stops - Pump or Semi-Auto: 0.75 hours

Replace "O" Ring in Rem 1100: 0.25 hours

Correct Rem 1100 Feeding Problem: 1 hours

Fit Receiver to Barrel Shoulder on Rem 1100: 0.5 hours

Increase Ejector Throw in Browning A5: 0.75 hours

Double Guns

Refitting Hinge Pin Lug

Easy Press-out: 2 hours

Engraved or Contoured to Receiver: 6-8 hours

Replace/Adjust/Refit Locking Block: 1.0-2.5 hours

Trigger/Sear Adjustment (per side): 2 hours

Repair/Replace In-hammer Firing Pin (per hammer): 2.0-2.5 hours

Repair/Replace In-frame Firing Pin (retaining system intact and removable): 1 hours

Repair/Replace In-frame Firing Pin (retaining system not intact and removable): 4+ hours

Tighten Locking System on Inexpensive Side by Side: 1 hours

Headspace Correction on Inexpensive Pivot Barrel, per Barrel, (weld extractor): 1.25 hours

Straighten/Adjust Barrel: 1.25-3.0 hours

Install Mid/Front Bead (on rib): 0.75 hours

Install Mid/Front Bead (on plain barrel): 1.0 hours

Install Mid/Front Bead (plug hole and re-drill for bead): 1.0 hours

Sight Work

If desired by Client, optics or adjustable iron sights will normally be sighted in with the Client's choice of ammo at 25 yards for pistols, 50 yards for rimfire rifles, and 100 yards for centerfire rifles. An alternate sight in distance may be specified by the Client, such as 200 yards or the maximum point blank range for the cartridge. This work will be done at range with known distances off a stable rest.

Sight in Customer Gun (does not include ammo, targets, etc.): 0.5 hours

Pattern Shotgun (does not include ammo, targets, etc.): 0.5 hours

Bore Sighing Customer Gun: 0.25 hours

Collimation of Iron Sights: 0.25 hours

Install Receiver Sights

Gun Already Drilled and Tapped: 0.25 hours

If Gun Already Drilled and Tapped (no wood cut): 0.25 hours

Cut and Refinish Wood: 1 hours

Gun Not Drilled and Tapped: 2.5 hours

(0.75 hours for each pair of holes)

Cut Dovetail in Barrel: 0.5 hours

Install Front Sight Ramp

Sweat-on Type: 1 hours

Sweat-on Type (including drill and tap): 1 hours

Band Type: 1 hours

Install insert in Pistol Sight: 1 hours

Scope Mounting

Gun Already Drilled and Tapped: 0.5 hours

Drill and Tap Barrel/Receiver for Sights - First Hole: 0.75 hours

Each Additional Hole: 0.25 hours

Level Scope Bases on Receiver: 0.5 hours

Modify Bases to fit Receiver: 2 hours

Lap Scope Rings: 0.25-0.50 hours

Reloading Ammunition

Tirico Gunsmithing LLC does not have a FFL to manufacture ammunition, so cannot reload custom ammunition for your firearm.

Custom Load Development: 8 hours

Tirico Gunsmithing can develop a custom load for your firearm by firing groups over a chronograph to determine a safe and accurate load. Tirico Gunsmithing LLC can then provide the Client with the muzzle velocity and standard deviation for: the bullet type; powder type and charge; primer type; and case brand.This reload would be developed specifically for this firearm and should not be used in any other firearm without Tirico Gunsmithing LLC verifying, through test firing, that the load is safe in another firearm.

Reloading Training $50/hour

If the Client desires to learn reloading, Tirico Gunsmithing LLC can advise the Client on equipment, then train the Client how to safely reload ammunition.

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